God's Vision for Our Church


Sunday - 8 AM & 10 AM, Wednesday - 6:30 PM

Oct. 21

Text:Proverbs 29:18.

Introduction –

Regarding the text for this message, let’s consider how it applies to more than a nation and to us as individuals: in it, there’s a message for every local church regarding what Jesus’ unique purpose is for each one (I Corinthians 12:12).

But so that we do not spin out-of-control (or spin our wheels!), let’s keep pursuing God’s purposes and experience, together, the picture of His desired and preferable futurefor OBCC come to pass.

Open Bible will remain a faithful local church.

Open Bible will be a fruitful local church.

Open Bible will be a local church whose ministry is fresh.

Conclusion –

Let us each purpose – for OBCC and for ourselves – to be the sort of congregation and Christians this city would miss if it were gone. If those lost and those found, alike, would feel the impact from the void left behind, then I’d say we’re a church experiencing God’s desired and preferable future coming to pass. In my estimation, it has and OBCC will continue to thrive in that.

Happy and blessed are we because we’ve faithfully, fruitfully, and with fresh spirits pursued the vision God has for us!